Technical requirements 


Mounting   10 min 

Staging      30 min

Space         6 x 8 m / High 5 m

Ages           Childrens and adults 

Lenguage   Universal and Visual

Mutiny .


Street Art is for CeZar one form of uprising. The Show “Mutiny” brings this into an impression of poetic appearance. It will take the public to a journey, showing the world of circus theatre in a universal language.

Within this the character creates epic pictures always accompanied of a fresh breeze of humor. An emotional exchange with many surprises and creative inventions which make the moment unforgettable.

Juglando .


How do you bring the classical circus to the streets? With “Juglando” CeZar merges the elegance of the traditional circus with the urban creativity. Animation and improvisation with the audience are in this show as important as a taste of acrobatics and the impressive juggling with different objects. Finally the spectators will see up to 7 balls flying in the air. Playing with his Latin charisma as well as with his downtown style CeZar enchants the whole family. The public will find itself in a gala happening in the streets of the world.


     Technical requirements 


Mounting   7 min 

Staging      20 min

Space         6 x 4 m / High 7 m

Ages           Childrens and adults 

Lenguage    English , German , Spanish 

                      Valenciano , Italian