At a young age of 17 years and after completing his studies, Cesar begins with his training and career as a Circus Artist, moving to the city of Buenos Aires where he settled for the next 5 years.

 After many hours of training and learning Cesar decided to create his first show, a number of juggling and Handstand , taking it with great success through different stages, cabarets and theaters of this beautiful city.


  In 2007 he creates the duo Circo Escencia with the renowned clown Mauro Cozenza

(EL GRAN ENANO), bringing the fusion between humor and circus skills to an international tour of almost 3 years. the company Circo Esencia achieved a good result in countries like Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, delighting thousands of spectators from the diverse Latin America.


  In the search for new horizons, in 2010 he began his journey to the Old Continent and Inspired by the beauty and art of places like Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany and Europe in general, he decided to venture into the creation of his first one-man show "JUGLANDO" a tribute to the beloved minstrels of the Middle Ages, an adaptation of a traditional number to the modernity of the current city.


 With his particular personality and great respect, the artist has managed to win the hearts of the public of the various cultures of the world, reaching in his 11 years of career to more than 20 countries in different continents.


 Cesar is currently established in the city of Berlin . and he dedicates full time to the development of a new work called "El Motin". Using a universal and visual language, the actor invites the audience to feel and reflect, to live the moment and to free themselves from thought contemplating play and spontaneity.




 Juggling with all kinds of objects, hand stops, unicycles, giraffe, acrobatics, music, dance, theater and creativity are the tools that this multidisciplinary artist uses experimentally to bring you  the entertainment.





Circus school techniques Circo criollo

CCRJ contemporary dance

Sports acrobatics, Misky Gym professor Luis Castro

Antipodism clinic with Emilia TAu

Theater with the combine the flight of the tops

Clinic of creation with Emiliano Sanchez Alessi

Circus Techniques School of Urban Arts